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The Burn Fitness offers the most unique and innovative online exercise classes and fitness coaching options. The Burn is fired up by husband – and – wife Tony and Karen Hill a professional fitness training team. The Burn is designed to cater to the individual and that is why this fitness club will be unlike any other. Our main focus said Karen and Tony are to get to know our clients, so they can recommend the best possible exercise and nutrition routine. Unlike some online health clubs where you’re only a number,at The Burn, you have a personal relationship with Karen & Tony Hill.

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Karen and Tony HIll


Only 1 of Every 3 People at your Workplace ISN’T Overweight! Obesity is growing out of control and so is weight related diseases – Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Problems and the like. For many companies, medical costs consume half of corporate profits or more. 


We offer a healthy concept in throwing a party so that you can share the importance of a healthy lifestyle with your friends and family and have fun at the same time.  You will learn the REAL TRUTH on Nutrition, Health and Disease Free Life. 


The idea is to impart knowledge about healthy eating, and assistance making sense of food labels and all those terms we're bombarded with, such as organic, natural, whole grain, lite, fat-free, low-fat, and no trans-fats. If you do not have the time to shop healthy call on us today.



Our Mobile Fitness Services offers a more comfortable place for people to workout, to design challenging and customized routines, to motivate and encourage clients to reach their goals, and to get people the results they desire through personal training and nutrition training at the comfort of your home.



Our Fitness & Nutrition Assessment is designed to inspire members to actively pursue their fitness goals by teaching them how to safely and effectively  maximize their time in our facility to not only get the results they joined for, but to maintain them throughout a lifetime.



Our reinforcement Health Tips Newsletter goal is to provide the consumer with honest, reliable, scientifically authoritative health and nutrition advice that not only can be trusted but can have a direct and often immediate effort on their health.  Click Below To View Sample and To Sign Up.



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