Owner Operated Fitness Club
The Burn is the vision of Karen and Tony Hill, inspired by God, two of San Diego's most sought-after fitness coaches. The husband and wife team continually deliver results through their dedication, inspiration and perspiration. The pair will teach classes, coach individuals and welcome its members to The Burn family. Its clientele will be as serious and committed to getting fit and respecting their bodies as Karen and Tony.

  • The Club Offering

    The Burn offers the most unique and innovative group exercise classes and fitness coaching options of any club in Southern California. The Burn is designed to cater to the individual and that is why this fitness club will be unlike any other. The club will be structured so that members are exercising in groups or individually with a fitness coach and constantly receiving expert counseling tailored to each individual’s needs.


    TRX Suspension System

    Make your body your machine.  In real life, your body move to the side, backward, forward and diagonally.  Shouldn’t we train the same way? Come & workout with TRX Suspension System to increase performance & core power.  Space is limited. 

    Million Dollar Baby

    Designed for the athlete in all of us.  Float like a butterfly, sting like a fighter and look like an athlete.  Learn the physical, technical levels of boxing and training with focus gloves, heavy bag. 

    This 6 weeks program will give you:

    • Metabolic Testing
    • Nutrition Counseling
    • 3-4 training sessions a week w/Tony Hill

    (Boxing & More)

    • 6 weeks of fresh delivered food
    • Supplementation


    Forget everything you know about total body conditioning!  In one workout and with one equipment, you will get cardio, strength, core & stability training to get a strong, sleek body. 


    Whether you are an athlete looking to shave time for the big race or want to improve your ability to burn fat, heart rate monitor is an awesome tool when used with a good cardio program.  You show up to the class and we will provide you with EKHO Heart Rate monitor to use during class.  


    Come on, let’s be fabulous!

    Combine 4 weeks, metabolic testing, customized food program, detox, workouts for a long, lean, strong and sexy bodies.  Alright, Guys Can Come Too!..

    Even your psyche gets in shape with Motivational words from Karen.

    TOUCHE™ is Tough-Outrageous-Unique-Challenging-Highly Motivated-Exercise. Designed by Tony Hill, TOUCHE™ is a conditioning training program comprised of martial arts, calisthenics, boxing, core training, weight training and circuit training all to the beats of hip-hop, rap, techno and rave music. This work out stimulates muscle fibers to give a high calorie burn leading to increased muscle tone, strengthened core and a faster metabolic rate. You will Burn approximately 600 to 800 calories in an hour!

    Corporate Wellness: Only 1 of Every 3 People at your Workplace ISN’T Overweight! Obesity is growing out of control and so is weight related diseases – Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Problems and the like. For many companies, medical costs consume half of corporate profits or more. Only Corporate Wellness Programs stand out as the long-term answer for keeping employees healthy. !

    Burning Zone is freestyle boot camp training that utilizes step aerobics to get maximum cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Free weights are used at the end of the class to create muscular tightness and firmness.

    The Burn is a combined effort of Tony and Karen Hill utilizing two different and distinct training styles in one class – TOUCHE and para-military training combined with high-low impact aerobics.

    Fitness Plus is a variety of exercises put together to encourage muscle toning and tightening without the use of free weights.

    Sweat Shop is a boot-camp-style interval training class designed to boost a person’s metabolism for 48 to 72 hours.

    Results is a specialty class held in the gym area of The Burn and uses cardio machines and weights.

    Sunday Surprise - The only thing you need to know is that every Sunday you will get a 1 1/2 hour crazy workout.

    Powerful Condition will challenge you for an hour to specifically target your upper body, abs, butt and glutes with dumbbells or freely.

    Funkygrovalistic Cycle Jam will increase your heart rate and fat-burning ability while working out your thighs, calves and hips. Young, old, fit, or not; everyone can join.

    Cycle Express is challenging and inspiring for riders of all levels. And, it will help you cycle away the stress of the day.

    Definitions is an intense total body workout designed to work every muscle in every way. This class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance by utilizing free weights and body bars.

    We also offer: Fitness On The Move (mobile fitness coaches), core training, functional training, and Kids Fitness Camp

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      This offer does not apply to Fusion 6, Million Dollar Baby, and Bikini Bootcamp Training.


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